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New telescopic ratchet

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The interconnected dimension of handtools.

STAHLWILLE’s DAPTIQ is leading the way: DAPTIQ products can not only communicate with other DAPTIQ products, they also communicate with the controlling and monitoring systems in their specified work environment.


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Purchase advice for spanners: What you should definitely look for.

How do you find spanners that meet your requirements? How do you know that the tool will deliver what the advertising promises? Which quality features should you look for? Here we answer the most important questions about buying a spanner! Anyone looking to buy a new spanner, or even a set of spanners, is quickly faced with an overwhelming...

STAHLWILLE demo vehicles: Know-how in the smallest area

Talking about ergonomics, intelligent design, precision, tactics and quality is one thing... But showing a user a STAHLWILLE product and actually placing it in their hand is quite another. Especially since you can demonstrate how it works. That’s why many of our European sales colleagues are travelling to customers with the fully equipped, mobile...

Short lever, long lever: the STAHLWILLE 532 ratchet

Every tradesperson and technician knows: Some jobs require a larger selection of tools – so that you can find the most suitable solution to tackle the problem. This is also the case when it comes to ratchets, which is why we now have the popular 532 ratchet in two additional lengths – we are giving the people what they want! What makes the...

Basic tool configuration for professionals

Five tips that you should definitely keep in mind. When you first get to grips with the subject of tools, you are quickly spoiled for choice: many manufacturers, many materials, many tools, all competing for your attention. What should you look out for? We've put together a few useful tips for you! 01. Quality isn’t expensive. It pays for itself....

Workbench WB 625 - This is what the ideal workstation in aircraft hangars looks like

Hardly anywhere are the demands on a technician's tools and equipment as high as in aviation. Those servicing and maintaining planes need specialist tool sets and a lot of storage space. They need storage solutions that ensure maximum mobility and an organised layout, and that allow for efficient and safe work. They need tools that do not...

The new electronics pliers

Five precision tools In addition to the necessary expertise and skill, working on precision mechanics and electronics requires one thing above all else: precise, reliable and ergonomic tools with which the most delicate components can be safely gripped, positioned and snipped, even in confined spaces. The new STAHLWILLE electronics pliers were...

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„You don't know what precision feels like until you've held STAHLWILLE tools in your hand.“
„I know STAHLWILLE tools are more expensive. But that accuracy, the ergonomic design and improved efficiency make it worthwhile.“
„When it comes to torquing, I need peak performance. I can rely on STAHLWILLE to give me that.“
„We've had to replace our tools far less often since we've been using STAHLWILLE. Quality pays for itself.“