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Not just hot air! STAHLWILLE visits schroeder fire balloons.

Meet the STAHLWILLE Tool Experts – Folge 5

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Let the burner roar and spit flames like a dragon, let go of the lines and then it's time to sail skywards and prepare for a safe landing.

Take a hot-air balloon ride to lofty heights – and to the next episode of the STAHLWILLE Tool Experts. Today we are visiting the only hot air balloon builders in Germany – Theo Schroeder fire balloons GmbH.

"For me, ballooning is the ideal way of going for a walk," says René Krämer, managing director of the 34-year-old traditional company in Schweich, Rhineland Palatinate. Every year, around 25 employees build 50 balloons – be it the classic balloon shape or highly individual shapes such as clowns' faces, cats' faces or teapots.

But before the finished balloon can take off, there are innumerable steps to be taken. The construction process starts with weaving the basket and sewing the balloon envelope and ends with the assembly and maintenance of the burners. All these tasks are carried out by hand.

It goes without saying that everything has to be 100% safe where 8,000 HP is available and the altitude can be several tens of thousands of feet. This is why Fire Balloons relies on quality tools from STAHLWILLE. The numerous bolted connections on the gas bottles and burners alone are subject to a wide range of specified tightening values that must be observed. The STAHLWILLE MANOSKOP® 730, which can be adjusted particularly quickly and, at the same time, contributes to aerial safety, is a key tool.

But conventional tools such as STAHLWILLE screwdrivers, fine-tooth ratchets or pliers are also used daily by the workshop staff.

This is based on long-standing conviction: "I am very sure that the first screwdriver my father put in my hand was one from STAHLWILLE," concludes René Krämer.

Now take the opportunity to see a different perspective yourself and experience the exciting work of STAHLWILLE Tool Experts – at Theo Schroeder fire balloons GmbH.

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