06.04.2020 | Category : Press

Tool tethering systems

Wuppertal, März 2020

STAHLWILLE, the specialist tool-manufacturer in Wuppertal, Germany – one of the leading suppliers of torque solutions – also has numerous products in its range of tool tethering systems and associated aids. Assembly, repair and maintenance tasks on wind turbines, for example, but also on ladders, MEWPs and high scaffolding, place special demands on the safety of the user and tools. Work can only be carried out safely and efficiently if both personnel and equipment are reliably protected against falling. This is why Stahlwille has a range of tool-tethering equipment that is ideally suited to such tasks.

The range includes 14 different individual solutions comprising a total of 33 items from tool holsters to trigger tethers and various retaining straps. Energy-absorbing lanyards can effectively retain a tool weighing up to 15.9 kg falling from a height. Spiral tethers offer large ranges combined with space-saving design. Loose components bags with patented safety closures ensure that nothing can fall out of them accidentally – while at the same time ensuring easy access.

On customer request, Stahlwille also supplies tools and tool sets with pre-configured tethering systems. The benefit to the user is that this saves the time associated with fixing the tethers. In addition to the tool tethering systems, the tried-and-tested Stahlwille QuickRelease safety lock on tool extensions and insert tools makes a tangible contribution to safety.

Furthermore, Stahlwille manufactures bespoke Tool Control System foam safety inlays as storage systems on request. They provide sculpted protection for tethered tools and – thanks to the brightly coloured lower layer – show the user instantly if a tool is missing.

Stahlwille's range of tool tethering aids provides safe solutions individually tailored to each specific use case to prevent accidents and damage.