24.04.2018 | Category : Press

Innovative completeness checks at the ILA aerospace exhibition in Berlin

Wuppertal, 25.04.2018

One of the most important partners to the aerospace industry, STAHLWILLE, is, once again, presenting new tools and torque technologies for the industry at the international aerospace show ILA in Berlin. For the first time at this trade fair, STAHLWILLE is demonstrating interconnected solutions that the company has developed under its innovative DAPTIQ label. One of the highlights is the Reading Station DAPTIQ – a cost-reducing, dependable solution for completeness checks that really comes into its own in FOD situations.

For many decades, tools and torque solutions by STAHLWILLE, from Wuppertal in Germany, have been as much a feature of international aviation as their storage and transport solutions. These experts on torque technology work with nearly all leading airlines and know what is expected in production environments and maintenance work. This regularly results in innovative solutions that guarantee airlines greater efficiency and safety.

The Reading Station DAPTIQ and 95 VA Tool Trolley DAPTIQ are included in this category and STAHLWILLE is presenting both of them to visitors to the ILA show in Berlin. They incorporate RFID technology to implement safe, efficient completeness checks. The trolley is simply parked in the Reading Station DAPTIQ which then scans the trolley and the tools contained in it using RFID. The results of the scan are immediately made available to the linked ERP or warehouse management system – because the Reading station, like all the products bearing the DAPTIQ label, is integration-capable.

In contrast to optical completeness checks, RFID technology offers significant advantages. The arrangement of the tools inside this storage solution can be modified at any time. The Reading Station DAPTIQ is also in a position to read out hundreds of tools in the shortest conceivable time and allows the greater part of the scanning technology to be centralised. A customer only needs to procure one Reading Station and it can then be used with every DAPTIQ storage solution.

A further highlight of the show is the new TORSIOTRONIC® by STAHLWILLE. For the world's first electromechanical torque screwdriver, STAHLWILLE recently won the coveted Red Dot Award. The TORSIOTRONIC® now combines the advantages of digital technology with those of a mechanical trigger. When the set torque has been reached, the torque screwdriver gives the user an unmistakeable tactile stop signal. This compact tool is ideal for all screw tightening when maximum accuracy and logging functions are required – the TORSIOTRONIC® is capable of storing no less than 2500 tightening jobs and sequences. All the measurements can then be read out and transferred to a PC later.

STAHLWILLE at the ILA Berlin (25 – 29 April 2018): Hall 2, Stand 410.